TinyFugue for Mac & Windows

TinyFugue, aka "tf", is a flexible, screen-oriented MUD client, for use with any type of MUD. TinyFugue is one of the most popular and powerful mud clients

Originally developed by Ken Keys, it compiles on virtually every UNIX, and most Unix-like environments. Unfortunately, the very thought of compiling anything scares many users of other environments. We here at Druware do not have that fear and feel that by providing both the tweaks needed to build a TinyFugue distribution and binary installers, we can expand the acceptance of TinyFugue.

Our builds of the 5.x versions of TinyFugue are lightly tweaked to feel more at home in their platforms. On Windows, for example, we no longer rely on external environment variables that must be tweaked to get everything working. The upcoming Mac versions will offer a tidy little application bundle that can be easily moved, and does not require knowledge of the Command Prompt or Terminal. In the future, we hope to improve the native feel of the applications even further...

Though this is a free software project, and we provide these binaries free of charge there is a cost in terms of time and resources that we do have to cover. Like most developers we do enjoy the ability to use our hobbies as our jobs. Unfortunately, the most rewarding work is the work we do for the community, not necessarily what pays the best. With that in mind, there is no required cost to you use TinyFugue, but if you find that you enjoy the fruits of the labor, donations are welcomed, as they go to putting food on the table, and computers on the desks.


5.0b8 - 04/06/2009 - Republished a Windows Release

After a two year hiatus, this is a build to bring TF for Windows up to a current Cygwin dll, as well as the currently published TF5.0 beta 8.

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