enQuery, being the first piece of the much larger enQuery project is a long term replacement for the Query Tools found in both PostgreSQL for Mac and the ODBCKit projects. It is a merging of code from 3 different projects. The ideas that came together from several project form the basis of the enQuery project.

ODBCKit and PGSQLKit both started as means to an end that became project in their own rights. The enQuery project takes those ideas and builds on them. Starting with the foundation tool that is enQuery. At it's most basic, enQuery is an ad-hoc SQL tool for creating and running queries against databases. In it's commercial version, it supports multiple database types right out of the box.

For version 1, those databases will be PostgreSQL and any ODBC datasource that is supported on the Mac platform. Eventually, these will be expanded to other data engines, like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLLite and potentially others. From there, the project will be able to expand to offer more than just ad-hoc reporting...

Automator Actions
ODBC Data Actions

A couple of Automator Actions for use with Apple's included Automator scripting tools. These Actions allow ready access to any ODBC Datasource currently configured on your computer.

updated! PostgreSQL for Mac

On the Mac platform, there exists a few options in the realm of the Relational Database Management System. Unfortunately, these systems are all either very pricey, or have poor support from applications because they lack either marketshare or mindshare. Today there is a huge amount of support for several open source products, of which PostgreSQL is among the best, and with a very commercial friendly licensing terms, it is a very attractive database for the Mac user, developer and enterprise all.

Highly scalable, and with an excellent support base in the open source community, bringing high quality tools and support the PostgreSQL on the Mac platform seems a natural fit, and that is the intent here. Providing a base of a solid server package in addition to lightweight management and client tools. In addition to that free base there are support contracts available, as well as CD installers.

Developer Tools
ODBCKit for Mac

The ODBCKit is an open source framework for Cocoa developers to leverage the underlying Open Database Connectivity resources in the business network. Built with the intent of providing an easy and approachable toolkit for Cocoa Developers, it has evolved into a little bit more, also providing a couple of Automator Actions to the provide user level access to the ODBC databases.

PGSQLKit for Mac & iOS

The PGSQLKit is an open source framework for Cocoa developers to leverage the power of PostgreSQL in their applications. Built with the intent of providing an easy and approachable toolkit for Cocoa Developers, it has evolved into a little bit more.

GenDB Objective-C Protocol

GenDB is just a single Objective C Protocol definition that provides a common interface for all of our database toolkits. Anyone that wishes to build a database toolkit based upon this protocol, is not only welcome, but encouraged to.

With ODBCKit and PGSQLKit, we started with a common base of functionality and implemented an informal protocol that allowed us to write code for either with very little alteration. When we started serious work on enQuery, this informal protocol became more formal, and as enQuery approaches release quality code, we have decided to publish the spec such that anyone else could take the idea and run with it. Since both ODBCKit and PGSQLKit are fully open source, there is already a good bit of example code to take and run with.

Druware Code Loft

The Code Loft is not really a product in the traditional sense. What you will find here is a collection of usable bits and pieces. They might be scripts, unfinished but usable projects, retired projects, or even things we use every day, but do not really have a place as a stand alone project. This is where they get thrown, into the 'Loft'.